"My passion is capturing true love, beauty and life. I live every day to love people well and to bring joy to others."

Welcome to my photography website! I am an international wedding & lifestyle photographer based out of Bangkok, Thailand. Available for travel nationally and internationally.

A little bit about me: My name is Erin and I enjoy the simple things in life. Burlap, lace, coffee and some beautiful, golden sunshine, are things I truly appreciate and find enjoyable. I am a do-it-myself-er and I moved to Thailand in August 2015 to share the love of Jesus. I consider my style to be cohesive with my lifestyle, both simple and lovely, soft and romantic with touches of fun mixed with love. When it comes to weddings, I love being able to document the true love and joy between two people that have discovered love and their families that support that love. For portraits, I like to think that I can represent families and individuals in the way that they are, the ways that you sometimes may not see, but wish that you could.

So, just think of me as a friend with a camera, documenting your lives and seeing the details that are often overlooked. Because sometimes pretending I’m not there is when the result becomes raw and honest; and more appreciated and just what I am looking for!

Before you hire me, you should know I will most definitely cry at your wedding. It gets me every time, and I always find it an honor to capture love that is raw and authentic. 

Please explore my blog and contact me for your next photo shoot from weddings to just for fun! Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Now go grab yourself a latte and enjoy looking around!