Happy Birthday Emery Grace!

Meet Emery, also known as #emerygracebrock! She is one of the greatest one year olds I have ever known. Her smile can make your day almost instantly and her personality is unlike any other! Her parents are two of my favorite people and they take the job of loving this little child of God very seriously. Emery is turning 1 today and we had a cute little photo shoot before Christmas break and let me tell you it was so hard not to post these a week ago! She  is one of the most photogenic babies and has some really great expressions! Enjoy this little blessings photos, they are some of my favorites! 

Well cause bath time after cake is always necessary! 

It wasn't as easy to get a smile after bath time, but these are still adorable! 

emery first birthday winter headband-8.jpg

Baby Leg warmers, yes please!

emery first birthday winter headband-11.jpg

Happy First Birthday Emery! I hope that you know you are loved not just by your family but by so many people. You have brought so much joy in your first year of life! I cannot wait to see you grow up, to see you become a little lady and most importantly I pray that you would grow up to know and love the Lord! You are a very special little girl and I love you to pieces! Happy 1 year to your parents also, you guys are doing a great job raising and loving Em! 

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