A Case of the Mondays {my week in review}

A case of the Mondays..you know when you think about how much fun you had on the weekend and all the things you accomplished last week...just hoping that this week is even better! Well let me just tell you...

This last week has been so crazy. While I wait around for babies to be born I took a chance and went to Atlanta on Wednesday for the annual Catalyst event. If you have never been to Catalyst and consider yourself a leader or you want to be a better leader or if you are just looking for inspiration Catalyst is the place to go!  I have been twice now and both times I have left encouraged and so full of information that it literally takes days before you can really grasp all that you learned.  

I got to  hear from great speakers like: Andy Stanley, Christine Caine, Tim Keller, Dr. Caroline Leaf, Robert Madu, Matt Chandler, Craig Groeschel, and Charles Duhigg. Yes all of them spoke in 2 days. It was awesome!  I mean seriously why would you not go next year? (maybe I'll share more about what I learned soon, if you are lucky)

 Also, when it comes to any gathering the company is very important and mine was a great group of friends from the PTC from back in the day. We all live in different places and have different types of jobs and are in different seasons of life  so it was fun to spend 2 days learning and worshipping together! I also got to see little Joel (greg and ashley's cute little man) and I bought a pumpkin because it finally feels like fall, like the real its kinda chilly fall! I also went to Greenville for Octoberfest with two of my  favorite people who just so happened to be getting married to each other. We spent the day loving the fall weather and some quality time (we had a impromptu photo shoot too so I'll share those later this week). 

My week has been so crazy and we are still waiting on all the babies to arrive! Here's to hoping they come today and tomorrow! I also have more exciting news on some changes that I cant wait to share with you all! Hope you all have a happy Monday and that your week is filled with many of life little blessings!

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