Lucy {8 months}

I am so excited for you to meet Lucy! She is one of the cutest little girls and is loved by so many! She has a smile that could light up the whole room followed by the most extensive list of facial expressions. She has a whole lot of personality for an 8 month old and so much joy!  I loved my time with this little one and cant wait for you to see my favorites! 

lucy blog-6.jpg
lucy blog-3.jpg
lucy blog-4.jpg
lucy blog-1.jpg
lucy blog-5.jpg
lucy blog-7.jpg
lucy blog-8.jpg
lucy blog-9.jpg
lucy blog-13.jpg

Look at that laugh! 

lucy blog-14.jpg
lucy blog-15.jpg
lucy blog-16.jpg
lucy blog-17.jpg
lucy blog-18.jpg
lucy blog-19.jpg
lucy blog-20.jpg
lucy blog-23.jpg
lucy blog-24.jpg
lucy blog-27.jpg
lucy blog-25.jpg

How cute is her room?!

lucy blog-26.jpg

And one with big brother Liam, he was not feeling well but we were lucky to get this smile! 

lucy blog-1.jpg
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