DIY {baby tutu}

This weekend I was feeling crafty as I was in Peachtree City by myself watching Gabe.  Last week when I did Ansley's shoot I had ordered a little pink tutu from Etsy and when it arrived I realized what was I thinking I could make this.

So that is what I set out to make! I decided that on my way home yesterday that I would stop by hobby lobby to pick up supplies and I would need and learn how to make it.

And let me tell you it was so easy, anyone can do it! 

diy tutu-1.jpg

Supplies you will need:

  • -Tulle, I got 4 yards cause it was only $1.49 a yard (i only used about 1 yard for this tutu)
  • -Scissors
  • -ribbon, I used this stretchy ribbon that baby headbands are made out of, but I later made one with ribbon and It was way prettier!
diy tutu-2.jpg

Step 1:

Cut a piece of ribbon about 20 inches ( i got my measurements here).

diy tutu-3.jpg

Step 2:

Cut several 2 inch wide strips that are about 12 inches long.

diy tutu-10.jpg

Step 3:

Align 4 strips together, then fold over, you have two options of attaching them

1. is to slip through one of the wholes in your ribbon and then tie a not (1st picture) 

2. or you can do it by folding in half and tying them on the way shown below, not sure how to say that. 

diy tutu-6.jpg
diy tutu-8.jpg
diy tutu-9.jpg

Step 4:

Repeat what ever you did in step 3, until your tutu is complete.

diy tutu-11.jpg
diy tutu-15.jpg

Step 5:

Put your tutu on a cute baby and take some pics! 

diy tutu-16.jpg

Happy crafty weekend friends! 

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