Ian Turns 1

So it has definitely been awhile. Like a really long time. I actually miss my camera very much. Sometimes It is nice though to take a little back seat and to let your creativity take a break.

That is what my life has been lately. A break. I needed it though. I think sometimes we have to get away from what we love when we start to get in a rut and just let it take a break. I have seen that taking a break from whatever it is will help you not get burnt out, it will even heal a burn out. It will help you rediscover your passions and it will help inspire creativity. So be inspired today even if that means taking a break from the very thing you need inspiration in. 

So for a little fun: Meet Ian, I had the privilege of helping my brother Colin shoot this little adorable man a little while ago!

Seriously, this kid was a little ham!

I got to play assistant for the day where my only goal was to look as stupid as possible to get this little guy to look at the camera and smile. I did end up snapping a few pictures in the moments of transitions and thought I would finally share because what is better than a little cutie to warm up your Wednesday! Here are some of my favorites!  

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