World Down Syndrome Day

Today is World Down Syndrome day! So in celebration and awareness, I thought what better way to raise awareness than to share the beautiful story of little Lucy. 

Written by Lucy's Mom, Amber:

"A little over 9 months ago I was 38 weeks pregnant and so excited to meet the little baby that had taken over my body for the last 9 months.  Still not knowing if we were having a boy or girl, I knew that very soon we were going to meet him or her.  I was sure we were having a boy, my husband thought a girl.  Our two-year old son was pretty much oblivious to what was about to happen to his ‘I’m-the-only-child’ world.

At my first glance of our new baby, I think Down syndrome popped in my head, but just as quickly left as I was so surprised to be looking at a sweet baby girl.  Lucy.  I didn't think anything about it again until that night while I was feeding her.  My husband knew right away, but we didn't discuss it until the next morning after the doctor came in. The pediatrician came in the morning after Lucy was born and the word “Down syndrome” came out of her mouth.  Sitting in the hospital, away from all our family, and listening to a doctor tell you that the baby you've been carrying for the last 9 months may have Down syndrome, isn't the easiest thing to hear.  Being emotional is an understatement as we sat in the hospital room holding our baby girl.  I just remember thinking about her future.  Not really knowing a lot about Down syndrome or knowing what questions to ask, we took our little girl home that afternoon and tried to prepare ourselves for the long evening of phone calls to family members.  It was a long emotional night, but thanks to our sweet little boy, also full of laughter!

Lucy has 3 chromosomes instead of 2 in her 21 pair (Trisomy 21).  Many children with Ds have health issues, but we have been very blessed that Lucy’s been very healthy.  Currently she goes every other week to occupational and physical therapies.  Lucy is now 9 months old.  She slowly army crawls, mostly after her brother and the dog, she rolls, claps her hands, plays with toys, eats baby food just like any other 9 month old.  She just has an extra chromosome.

In October, we participated in our first Buddy Walk and had about 30 family members and friends (many neighbors) walk with us and raise money for the DSAA (Down syndrome Association of Atlanta).  Our family, friends, and neighbors have been so supportive and accepting of Lucy. They have been a revolving door around our house, which we absolutely love.  And we truly could not have asked for a better neighborhood to live in.  Not living close to our family, they have become our second family providing us with friendship, food, childcare, company, and comfort when we needed it the most. 

We are so grateful to God for blessing our family with two beautiful children.  We love them both dearly!  Lucy has opened our eyes to a whole new and wonderful world.  Her smile is contagious, her laugh is infectious, and her hugs will melt your heart!  She lights up our world!  The bond that she and her older brother have is already extraordinary!  Lucy has been the absolute perfect addition to our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

For World Down Syndrome Day (3/21), we are celebrating by wearing blue and yellow (Ds awareness colors).  We are actually going to wear our Buddy Walk team t-shirts from 2013: Laced Up for Lucy.  We also plan on having cake and ice cream.  This will be a day that we will celebrate as a family each year. We have in the last nine and a half months become more educated about Down syndrome because of Lucy.  We still have so much more to learn.  If you would like to learn more about Ds, visit the National Down Syndrome Society at, the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta at, or Gigi’s Playhouse .  Please consider making a donation to one of these organizations or to your local Ds association to help raise awareness about Down syndrome.  Thanks for taking the time to read our story."

Now enjoy these adorable pictures of sweet Lucy!

For a few more of my favorites check them out here: 

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