Gender Reveal Party

There is nothing more special than celebrating big life milestones with friends, wether its weddings, engagements or babies. It all so sweet to be a part of friends lives. This week was no exception. 

Meet the Beckers! They are having a baby! Seriously from the day I found out Britt was pregnant, which was by accident before she told the world so i had to keep it a secret, till now I have prayed for that little baby! This week we found out that the baby is a little boy and he could not have a more excited family! We all knew they wanted a boy, but that they would be happy either way, but it so fitting for them to get a boy! Its a long time coming and my daily prayer reminders will continue until this kid is in high school! I cant wait to meet little Becker baby boy! 

So we had a gender reveal party on Monday night and here are some of my favorite moments from the night! 

Becker Gender Reveal-49-2.jpg
Becker Gender Reveal-50-2.jpg
Becker Gender Reveal-48-2.jpg
Becker Gender Reveal-51-2.jpg

Yes, they had the most fun reveal with fireworks and blue smoke!