Friday Faves

So I thought it would be fun to have a new segment on the blog on fridays! I hope you all are up for it! Lets call it FRIDAY FAVES! This is where I get to tell you my most current faves, aka things I am obsessed with right now! This is also a two way street I want to hear about your favorite things, so feel free to comment! 

I have been fighting my skin now since summer camp started (ok maybe more like my whole darn life). I think the hot, damp summer air has really brought out the worst in my skin! So my first Fave is a discovery I found in face wash! 

1. I am currently in love with this new face wash by juice beauty! Its made with all organic ingredients and the base is fruit juice, not water like most washes. I have been using it for only a week now and have already seen a difference in how my skin looks and feels! Its great and I love it! 

Juice beauty: Blemish Cleansing Cleanser- $22 and Cleansing milk- free gift right now at ULTA


2. I am also raving about this new necklace that my awesome mother sent me just because! It is so cute. She sells premiere, which is how I have built up my jewelry collection but this little gem could be my new favorite because one side is teal but the other side is royal blue! 

Premier Jewelry- Cece enhancer and 36" necklace- $42

3. Auburn Football! I love when fall comes around for a lot of, scarves, pumpkin spice, and COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Some have asked me "how do you think your tigers are gonna do this year?" All i say is, who knows! Cause for real you never know and Auburn always surprises us! I am making it my goal this fall to make it to a game at Jordan-Hare, heres to hoping! 

Happy Friday and happy college football weekend!! WAR EAGLE!