Labor Day

Happy Labor Day friends! 

I woke up this morning a little later than usual and took my time drinking my morning coffee by watching some parenthood, they added season 5 to netflix so I may or may not be binge watching. I got to thinking it was a good day to go to the pool day but decided it was going to have to be a work day, because when you work for yourself you can work from home in your pjs and no one cares.  

Ever since I moved to Anderson I have had a part-time gig at Newspring Church working with their groups department where I have been calling people to help them find groups...they actually tweeted out a pic of me on the phone (you can find it here if you must). But anyway as long as I have lived here I have been doing that so I have not had time to actually get my business organized. I am learning a lot really fast and I am excited to spend my day today getting organized. I am excited about the future of Erin Spruell Photography and some new things that are on the horizon. I also have a mini session announcement coming up for Atlanta and Anderson so be looking out for that! Here is a little glimpse of what my day will look like today. Do what you love today because if you love it its not really work! 

And to keep things interesting here are some of my favorite pics from last week (taken with my iphone). I love it here! Here's to a week that is just as fun as last week!

Newspring Church

Got to take emery to the pool! 

My friends dog Dabo! Isn't he cute! 

Newspring Fuse, a youth group of 1,500 kids that I get to start volunteering with!

Cute Em after the pool!

post pool sleepys with em!

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