DIY Friday

Happy Friday! 

Its Do-It-Yourself Friday...Its been awhile, like a long long while since I shared a DIY friday! Check out the vintage suitcase upgrade, tutu, and scrapbook letters but today its the gold mason jar

You may be like me where currently I have a small obsession with all things gold. Like I spray painted everything I could Gold before I moved, stocked up on some cute gold accent pillows, and went to target and bought all their cute gold kitchen things! 

This is the easiest DIY I have ever posted:

What you need:

-a bottle of Gold metallic spray paint (dont get the paint and primer ones, they are not as shiny) I used the Rust-oleum Metallic finish from walmart.

-And a Mason Jar (I bought a whole pack for $7 at Walmart)

-And some pretty flowers, I picked up mine at the local farmers market! Don't wait on someone to get you some, treat yourself!


1. Spray paint outside of mason jar

2. Let dry well (over night)

3. Wash mason jar and let it air dry, for a nice weathered look....seriously this made it so much better! 

4. Add Flowers! Im not kidding its so easy, no really you could do this this weekend and spruce up your house! Here is a little inspiration! 

Ok now go do something Crafty this weekend, and share your craftiest ideas...

I am giving away a Starbucks Gift Card for the craftiest craft!

(To Enter post a comment below and tag me on fb with a picture of your craft use the hashtag #DIYFRIDAY)

I am going to Greenville again for the Indie Craft Parade looking for some great inspiration and buys! Also looking forward to some king of pops, fingers cross they show up! 

Happy Weekend!