New look

Sometimes its nice to change up the way you look. Ladies anyone like me, where I would always cut off my long hair when I needed a different look. Or rearrange the whole house for a new feel. How about buy some new clothes so you feel like you look different. 

Change is good and switching things up keeps life interesting and non-complacent...except for when you finally find "The look" you were going for, you leave it, you make it work, you never grow bored with it. 

Well, I am that way right now with my brand and website. To be honest with you I am still trying to figure out my look so i'm just switching it up. Today I am launching my "new look" same brand, same pages, same me... just a new, fresh look! Have a look around and let me know what you think. I think I like this one...will it stick around forever, maybe just for the fall. Because I have some fun things coming up with that as well! Seriously, so much goodness. 

Speaking of goodness, I forgot to welcome September in! Its my favorite month for a lot of reasons: 

1. College Football

2. First glimpse of fall (yes I wore a scarf today!)

3. Pumpkin Spice Lattes (yes they are bad for you, but they are an occasional tasty treat...I promise not to have one every week!)

4. My Birthday comes in September (the 28th to be exact, I like treats and letters!) This year I turn 25...wait what! 

5. I have something planned every weekend in September and that is exciting! 

6. After september comes baby galore! I can't wait for all the october babies to get here!!! 

Ok enough about september...back to new look for the website! Now go explore! 

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