The Art of Second Shooting

This past weekend I got to second shoot a wedding with Jessica from Jessica Marie Visuals! I have learned to truly love second shooting and I absolutely love to do it with friends. Being in the photography business you have two options when it comes to your "competition" to either hate them or to work with them. I have learned its much more rewarding to help them and work together and that is the route that I have chosen. I have many friends who are really talented photographers who allow me to come into their business and partner with them. Jessica is a not just a fellow photographer she is a friend and this weekend she will become one of my brides. Its an honor when a photographer asks you to capture their day and I can't wait to see Jessica be a beautiful bride! 

I second shoot because I love weddings and I love being a photographer and I love to work with friends and to help them capture more images for their weddings! I hate not sharing the photos, but I love knowing that I am practicing my skills to become a better photographer behind the scenes! When you second shoot you have freedom to capture more creative shots because the main photographer is after the usual wedding day timeline pictures, when I second shoot getting the fun angles and the details is my speciality! So that is why I second shoot...because I love doing it!

To prepare you for Jake and Jessica's wedding this weekend take a look at their proposal, where I hid behind a tree to capture this moment! I literally can't wait for Saturday!

Jessica, Happy Wedding Week! Oh and its also my birthday Happy Birthday Week to ME!

Erin SpruellComment