Thailand Recap {Part II}

I have been fighting naps like a champ. Yesterday was the first day I felt like myself since my return, but today is not better so I'm hoping that this weekend will be my catch up moment where I can make it all day and sleep all night! Here's to hoping! 

So in part 1, I told you all about the ministry we got to do at the schools. Part II is all about the fun! 

Thailand is a unique country a couple fun facts about it: 

  • In Thailand, they love to eat, all the time and its spicy
  • They also really love treats, ice cream, coffee, snacks, donuts ect (or they think Americans really love treats and just are overly nice to provide it)
  • Thai people are shy at first kinda like coconuts, hard on the outside but soft on the inside
  • Iced coffee is sweet as syrup and comes in a bag
  • They don't cook because its cheaper to eat out...thats pretty awesome, even though I  do love cooking.
  • In Thailand its ok to pick your nose but its rude to pick your teeth...crazy right
  • You can't go anywhere without seeing a photo of their King
  • Movie theaters are way nicer and malls are a million stories
  • Thai kids are the cutest, especially our favorite little mixed baby, Rooney!
  • When in doubt wai (a bow with your hands )
  • There are so many forms of transportation and Im pretty sure in a week we took them all.

Here are some of the fun things we did while we were in Thailand! 

First things first: This team was the most fun! I am thankful for them and would not have chosen anyone else to go with me to the Land of Smiles! 

So we had one free day where we took off to the Damnonesaduak Floating Market just outside Bangkok! After that we got to go to the big market mall to do our souvenir shopping and then we hit up Starbucks and a movie! This is one of those must dos if you ever go to Thailand. We got into boats and went shopping boat-side to vendors right off the water. It was fun and everyone had a blast!

Coconut pancakes and fresh coconut were a hit with the team. I still taste the yummy coconut pancakes as I write this! So Good!

We even had some brave team members hold a python...yeah they are pretty adventurous! 

One of my favorite adventures was on a random day after we taught at a morning college class. We went with our Thai best friends to the pier and then we got into boats and took a little boat trip down the river to an island where we rented bikes. I mean come on! How fun is that!

The island had no cars and the paths, aka roads, went down and around through alleys and markets. Some of the ride was tropical and nothing around but trees and water. It seriously could top as one of my favorite days, ever! Some of the team members did not know or remember how to ride bikes so we had a few crashes and wall run-ins, but it was a great time had by all. Everyone was all smiles at the end of the day and hanging out and bonding with our Thai best friends made it that much sweeter! 

We also went to a Chinese temple in town one day and walked around a market that was filled with so many interesting meats and foods. I am pretty sure the shoes I wore that day will never recover from the stench. 

Another thing that was seriously a ton of fun, was our last ministry day...where we got to help put on a teacher conference for the teachers in Nonthaburi. I was in the song group and we taught the teachers from all the schools how to dance, and sing and learn English at the same time. We had so much fun dancing to the cupid shuffle about 8 times and the chacha slide about 4. 

I mean teachers getting doesn't get more fun than that. 

I can't believe I'm sharing these....but they captured my lack of photogenic-ness on this trip! 

Also, its not a music day until there is a spontaneous performance.

Also, we had the sweetest goodbye dinner. Our hosts took us to a river restaurant where we caught the sunset right in time for a mini photo shoot. It's never easy to leave especially after you have fallen in love with the country but this year we went out with a bang. This was the best meal ever, like I am still dreaming of Thai food because we went out with this taste...and that mango sticky rice...yes, please! 

A dude picture is never remembered and the girls photo is never forgotten... but that was the opposite of this group! The Thailand bro-mance!

Oh, and at our goodbye dinner I finally had my moment with little Rooney! Where she came to me and was totally cool with a little selfie action. Gah, this girl is such a cutie! She belongs to the oldest Thai brother, Soloman and his American wife, Angi! Im a big fan of their sweet little family!

And...getting to go to Thailand with this girl, that was a win! I love her and it was awesome getting to spend a week with her watching her serve and love so well. My little junior staff babies are growing up so fast!