My take on Essentials Oils

If you are on pinterest or have any friends I am sure you have heard the whispers of Essential oils...well I have had some friends who use them and I didn't know what I wanted for christmas so I asked for some and have been using them for about a month now... and Im a believer. 

Now, I know there are a lot of different sides of the essential oils talks, but I didn't really care about all that. I got some from Selah, they had an affordable starter sample kit, they love the Lord and they are organic that was enough for me.  Now, I don't take medicine and I am allergic to artificial fragrances and get horrible headaches and go into a fog in my head when candles are lit so I knew I was taking a chance with these things. 

But I am here to tell you they work. They come with a little instruction sheet that tells you all their benefits from colds, headaches to cuts and scrapes there is an oil for everything. Every headache I have had since I got them has been cured with a little peppermint oil on my temples and every sleepless night has been fought with a little lavender on my pillow. I use those the most for sure but all the others are great too. Is it a placebo, maybe but I don't care my apartment smells great, and we are healthier!  I even took them with my to Haiti and as soon as I felt that infamous travel cold I put some of the Armor on my feet and I woke up feeling 100%, you best believe I used that all week. Also, the girls on the team loved them some of the tummy troubles.

It may not work just like medicine would but its is a good alternative when you have no other and if you could use an oil to fight a cold why buy a antibiotic. Now, Im not saying essentials oils can replace medicine but they sure can help you feel better! You should just try it for yourself though!  

I also splurged and ordered a diffuser from bed bath and beyond with some christmas gift cards. And I must say I love diffusing them as they fill my whole apartment with a light aroma! So good! 

There is a lot of information out there on essential oils, so I will tell you this, for me they work and I love them!