Ice Day 2015

I took a little blog break. I just didnt know how to follow up the whole "I'm moving across the world" thing. I also have some rebranding happening and its pretty exciting. I can't wait to show you what JLouise has been working on! Seriously, she is so talented and its a pretty facelift for my brand. 

So this week was the coldest week we have had in a long time. It didn't snow here in South Carolina but we did get some ice. Ice is not as pretty as snow and trees fall and power goes out but we still had a little winter wonderland photo shoot. 

Meghan, Colin, Brian and I decided to grab our cameras and camera phones and go out exploring and it was so worth it. I am thankful for these friends who inspire me to be more creative and who challenge me and encourage me daily! It's fun that my co-workers are my best friends and we got to have a fun little day off together! 

Enjoy some of my favorites!