Abbi {Newborn Photography}

Meet Abbi! 

Abbi is just the sweetest little newborn. I loved meeting this family and capturing abbi's sweet cheeks and dreams. This girl did not cry once and I was actually kind of sad when her session was over because I had already grown to adore her. I knew Abbi's session was going to be special because this girl was special. She was adopted a couple of weeks ago and her parents are sharing the story:

Our adoption story….

Keith and I have been married for almost ten years. When we discussed starting our family last year, we knew adoption was the direction the Lord had called us to pursue. After lots of prayer, we believed that private, domestic adoption was the route the Lord wanted us to choose. To help us on our journey, we became involved with Bethany Christian Services, a licensed Christian adoption agency. One thing we particularly loved about Bethany is the level of counseling and follow up care that they offered for expectant/birth parents, adoptive parents and the adopted children. Additionally, they offered a means for us to stay in contact with our child’s birthparent- a relationship that Keith and I really wanted to maintain. In January, we met with an expectant mother who was due at the end of February. All seemed to go well, and we expected the relationship to continue to grow. However, the expectant mother decided to not move forward with meeting further. We were heartbroken. A few weeks later, Bethany contacted us to let us know a second expectant mother saw our profile and wanted to meet with us. We met with her the following Monday. The meeting was fabulous. We connected well and she decided that she would like us to be her child’s adoptive parents. The following Sunday (a few weeks early!), our Abigail was born. Two days later, we met Abbi for the first time and she came home with us. Abbi is a huge blessing to us and we are so thankful for her. In addition, we have remained in contact with her birth mother by email, sending updates and pictures. We are so blessed to have expanded our family in this way. Not only do we have a beautiful daughter, who is a blessing beyond words; but the Lord has extended our family to include her birth mother and family. Adoption is a beautiful gift of love that is immeasurably more than anyone can ask or imagine. 

I seriously love adoption. It is such a beautiful picture of the Gospel. It was an honor to get to capture this sweet girl and her mom. Enjoy a few of my favorites...ok there are more than a few...I just could not narrow it down! 

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