Monday Weekend Recap

Sometimes its better late than never right! This weekend was a good one. It was filed spring weather and lots of friends.  

We kicked off the weekend celebrating Meghan's birthday with a surprise party and a killer cake. I am kind of proud of it, but no I will not make your wedding cake people! 

Then, my friend Jenny from Crossroads staff came to visit. This girl is great. She and I became friends just after spending 5 weeks together last summer and we haven't seen each other since but picked up right where we left off...that is a real friend! I love it! Pillow talk, giggles and trips to Greenville made for a perfect weekend! I am thankful for her and excited that she will be moving to Anderson in August to do CDH, though I am sad I will miss the opportunity to share a town with her! 

Enjoy a few of my iphone snaps from the weekend and happy Monday! 

Hope you all had a great weekend too! This next one I am excited to be going home with the girls! We are going to have a fun weekend in ATL and my mom will be hosting a party for Meghan as she kicks off her new adventures as a Noonday ambassador! Check out noonday here! 

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