Brooks Avery {6 Months Old}

I don't know if you remember this cutie but this is Brooks and I was there for his very first moments in the world...and now he is 6 months old! Say What! I'm not even sure how time went by so fast. 

This kid is awesome. He is a he may just start walking tomorrow he literally never stops moving. He is the longest baby I have ever for real his bumbo does nothing for that back of his...those things are made for chubby short kids not soon to be basketball stars. 

Any way! I got to go and hangout with this cutie and his parents last weekend for a little much needed quality time sesh and I am so thankful that I did. I literally cannot even think about the fact that this kid is going to grow up before my eyes over skype so in the meantime I need all the hugs and giggles in person I can get. 

Enjoy a few of my favorites!