The Henington's Rainy Day {lifestyle photography}

Meet the Henington's...if you have been with me for awhile now you may recognize them from way back in the day. Sweet little Berkley was only 5 months old and now she is 2! say what! (you can go way back to the old site to see them here) And sweet little Everly is almost as old as Berkley was last time! Time sure does fly!

As Sunday drew near I hadn't seen the sun in over a week and knew that this would be a either be a photo shoot for the books or a sad cancelation. There are really three options when it rains 1.) do it as planned with an umbrella and rain gear 2.) move it indoors or 3.) reschedule. With small children number one is not an option and with my crazy busy schedule these days rescheduling was not an option, so I was thankful that this adorable family trusted me enough to move it indoors.

I love shooting in my clients home, it is special. It captures the true essence of who they are and everyone is more comfortable. I actually decided that I will forever recommend 2 year olds to be photographed in their homes...because if you have a two year old you know that they less likely to be a fool at home! Anyway, we endured the rainy day blues and had a blast photographing this family in their beautiful home. 

Enjoy a few of my faves!