California is no joke! As Brittany and I thought about a vacation we had some options and they all fell through and what it came down to was frequent flier miles and where they could take us, San Francisco it was! Obviously, everyone wants to go to California so our friend Brian joined in and he coordinated with some of his friends from all over to meet us there. It was a week packed with so much exploration and photos that narrowing down everything we did into this blog post was not easy...sorry if your browsers take forever to load! :) 

Enjoy a little trip to San Francisco! and for more be sure to check out my iphone pics on my VSCO grid :

DAY 1: OAKLAND & Bridge

We explored oakland and the VSCO was pretty cool! We were definitely rolling deep!

BATTERY SPENCER: The view of the Golden Gate Bridge 

We had a fun time taking some portraits in the golden hour!

Meet Brittany, You probably already all know her...but she is my best friend  and roommate! She moved to Anderson and its been so much fun to share life with her in this short season before I move overseas! She is generous and caring and loves people well. I'm thankful for this one!

Meet Patrick, he is friends with Brittany's sister, therefore our friend and he met up with us and took us to this beautiful place and then to an amazing dinner! He is so goofy and fun to be around and he works at Facebook...he is kinda a big deal! 

Meet Brian, for those of you who do not know him. He is kinda a big deal on Instagram (and he will probably kill me for saying that). But that is actually how he knows a lot of the other guys that came. We know each other from real life though! We went to india together and worked summer staff and have been friends since, now we both work at CKM!

and we even pit stopped here at the Palace of Fine Arts was stunning!

DAY 2: Presidio and a road trip to Point Reyes

The Painted Ladies...aka Full House Picnic spot! 

This is Jonathan! Jonathan he is a pretty cool kid with a pretty cool story and an even better sense of humor. He is from VA and Im glad we got to meet him! 

The whole crew thanks to the selfie stick! 

So, this is a funny story...but this tunnel of trees was the whole reason we drove out to Point Reyes and lets just was a let down! A little underwhelming if you will. But for these boys it was still worth the shot! 

Day 3: Mt. Davidson sunrise and Big Sur

with a side of Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown and farmers Market! 

This is Matt, he is also kind of a big deal. He is from LA and loves good light, fog and is so kind. We loved hanging out with him in the fun car! Thankfully he stayed in town and not in East Bay! 

The guys! 

DAY 4: The Mosaic Stairs, Twin Peaks, Sutro Baths and Baker Beach Sunset

A day exploring in the Mission and eating good food! (see my VSC grid for phone pics...

Well, you made it to the end of my trip montage...hope you all felt like you got away with me! 

As a treat enjoy some of our selfies! 

vscocam-photo-2 (11).jpg