A New Chapter

Im starting a new chapter in 18 days, and that means I am starting a new blog! 

Fear not, I will still be writing here and posting my photography work but I have something else for my friends who want to keep up with my life in Thailand. A more real, more vulnerable taste of my life! 

Some people don't like to separate personal and business  in this world of photography and I am still in that boat and plan to continue writing alot here that is personal, but I think as I move to Thailand it would be best to make a better separation of the two! This will continue to be Erin Spruell Photography, even in Thailand but the new blog, I am calling a journal and will be Erin Spruell, My life in Thai! 

The site is still under construction and I'm not really sure what I want it to actually be yet...but I do know is that I would love for you to check it out! 

I also have some really great news that I posted today as my first post to the Journal! So don't be shy tell me what you think! But don't stop following me here! :) Love you all!