The Mukri's {At Home Lifestyle Photos}

Meet Meghan and Colin! 

They may just be two of my best friends and former coworkers! I love these two to death and I must say its been such a joy to be a part of their relationship from the very beginning. These two are some of the most kind and loving people. They are never afraid to have fun or go on an adventure and are always up for a third wheel!  Having friends like them has made me a better person and these are two people I am going to miss doing life with! 

We had a little dream awhile ago to do a little lifestyle home photo shoot but it never really happened but when my last weekend in america approached it was crunch time and we made it happen, except now they have added a 3 member to the family...Milo! Milo is a golden doodle and is the best behaved most loving puppy there ever lived! He was such a champ at getting his pictures taken and makes these two proud parents giddy! 

Meghan and colin are in the process of building their first home together so before they pack up their lives to move it was only fitting that we captured them in their first "home" together. 

Enjoy some of my favorites, and yes I promise Milo is real!