Carson {East Coweta Senior Photography}

Meet Carson! 

This guy is a champ! He is a solid guy and I have gotten the opportunity to watch him grow up over the years into a handsome young man! He loves baseball and has a heart of gold. He is a mommas boy and loves his older sister more than she knows! 

The crazy thing is I got to take his family photos way back in the day and his sisters senior pictures so when I announced I was going to Thailand back in February, I think it was, his mom Cindy insisted that we make it work before I left so we put it in the books back then to take his senior pictures this week! 

We had a grand time catching up and capturing some great moments that his mom will forever cherish as a moment frozen in time! 

Enjoy a couple of my favorites!

(ps I am leaving friday so that is why the blog has been overloaded this week! Don't forget to join me over on mylifeinthai blog to keep up with all of my thai adventures and thoughts!) 


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