Sweet Newborn {Thailand Newborn and Family Photography}

Here is my first Thailand photo shoot! I have literally been here 2 and a half weeks and already had a shoot! So fun! It was a referral from my friend Satta, who thankfully travels all the time and was somewhere in south america so he could not fulfill it, but I'm so thankful because to me it's more than a precious family shoot, it's a glimpse of the faithfulness of the Lord! That even here in a foreign land the Lord I can still pursue my passion! I took a step of faith and gave up my dream of being a successful photographer from the worlds view point and decided to chase after eternal things and that brought me to Thailand, and I am so thankful it did!

Now to be honest, I decided not to title this post with the sweet little girls name, because well I would totally butcher the spelling of it. But this family is from Bangladesh and they are moving to Myanmar soon, but came to Thailand to have their sweet little girl and that is how we got to meet. This sweet girl is one month old and so beautiful! Now, when her mother contacted me I had literally just moved here I did not want to hassle with finding a location in bangkok so this family came to me and we explored the school here and had a blast! It was a fun cultural experience for me as well as the hottest day ever, but we managed to have a great time with as few breakdowns as possible! 

Enjoy a few of my favorites from this Saturday's session!


Then we went outside for a little fun with big brother and family!

Those eyes!