A Big Announcement!

Alright friends...I have a huge announcement...its like really Big... 

As many of you know in August I moved to Anderson, SC with some of my closest friends! In October, I landed my dream job working for Clayton King Ministries! Something I honestly did not see coming but a job I love so much working with a ministry that I believe in because God uses crossroads to change lives, my life was one of them!

In November, I led my first crossroads team to Thailand for my second visit to the country! I already loved Thailand but the Lord was doing something in my heart that week that I just couldn't shake! As soon as we landed, I knew the Lord had something for me in Thailand, I just didn't know what yet. The whole week through bizarre circumstances and little everyday whispers the Lord revealed to me that I was to in fact move to Thailand to partner with GES! Say what! I know it's so crazy!
But the whispers of the lord became so obvious that I knew that this was going to be a thing! I pleaded with God to make it so obvious that I would not doubt his calling and he definitely showed up!

When I got home that feeling, it didn't go away...that's when I knew this was what I was supposed to do! I remember sitting in my living room alone looking at all that I owned and thought to myself, "ok God I'll sell it all to follow you!" I looked at my life, my dream job, my photography business that I worked really hard at and my community and realized that I was willing to give it all up to follow Him!

Over Christmas, I had to tell my family and I just knew they would flip out...they didn't! My mom assured me that they would support me in whatever I chose to do knowing that I was just following the Lord! She even said that she was actually shocked I hadn't already moved overseas...the lord has been preparing them for so long for this and I didn't ever see it!

This was it. All I had to do was wait for GES to have a job for me and then I would officially be going. Well in January, Angi and Solomon, crossroads contact there and my new friends, sent me a job description that they created for me: media coordinator and photographer and part-time substitute teacher...it was perfect! I seriously doubted that I would get to go there and actually do what I loved...but God is so good! It was just another obvious sign that this was his hand at work and that I would be going to live and work in Thailand! Last week, I officially accepted the job and can't wait so see what the Lord has in store for me there! 

So in August, after completing the 20th year of Crossroads Summer Camp, I will be getting on a plane with a one way ticket to Thailand! I am so excited because the Lord is at work there and he is calling me to come and be a part of it! I am really excited about this opportunity and can't wait to get there but fear not, the next 6 months are going to be awesome and I plan on making the most of my time in America before I leave! 

I got 6 months left in America so if you want photos don't hesitate to contact me...I have dreams of having my calendar booked up until the summer with photo shoots galore!