Mr. & Mrs. Hibbard {Simpsonville, SC Wedding Photographer}

Megan and Jordan are Married!!!!! 

I remember when Jordan started dating Megan for the second time around and we all threatened him and told him if he wasn't in for the "M word" that he should just save her the heartbreak. I was a protective friend for sure.

He stuck around even with the threats. Then he came around and told me he was ready to propose. I was excited for them but I was also so mad at him because he waited too long, because now it was already May and I was leaving in August for Thailand, so there was no way I would be able to make it to their wedding. I went through with it any way and schemed and lied myself to be hiding behind a tree for the big moment

Then there was the moment Megan sat me down in our now, wedding planning/Thailand moving mess of an apartment and told me that her and Jordan wanted nothing more than for me to be their photographer. I was like sure if.... and then she told me the date and it fell on a Friday of my October break. Which meant i would not have to take any time off and it could be a thing... we cried together, it was totally a little blessing from the Lord! 

Now their story is a good one and it made their wedding day that much more special because you know that when two people fight for each other as much as they did while they were dating you know that the promises they made to fight for their marriage on their wedding day were that much more real! I have never seen a more excited groom and more stunningly glowing bride in my life, they radiated the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord that day! 

Megan and Jordan, I believe that you two are better together and I cannot wait to see how the Lord uses you as a husband and wife team for the Kingdom. You guys may never know how special it was for me to be at your wedding but Thank you for flying me back and allowing me to be a part of your wedding!  You guys are really special friends and I will cherish all these memories! Now go get um married ones! 

Some good fall flannel and your best friends, what more do you need! 

A special shout out to Brian my good friend and second shooter! Thanks for helping me out friend you killed it! 

First look time...its always a favorite moment!

A good one here from Brian! 

I mean come on!

#myrealreel...what you don't know about this picture is that we had just paraded through a yellow jacket nest and 2 of the groomsmen had been stung and I was currently being chased by a pesty straggler! 

Shout out to Jlouise Designs for killing it with all the hand lettering from invitations to signs to everything in between! Do yourself a favor and get your christmas gifts from her this year! 

This moment was so good. So much build up so many nerves, so much to change! Megan walked down the aisle to "Forever", by Kari Jobe and it was epic! 

A little cocktail hour for a little room switch-a-roo! (photos from Brian)

Dear friends! Love you both, but Carl and Robby in the back for the win! 

ahhhh that light! 

We had some time to kill with the bridal party before the reception, so we decided to have some fun!

Party time!

having a second shooter means we both get to take turns getting down on the dance floor! Brian never fails to have a serious dance face!

So thankful for these women and that Megan getting married allowed me to come to america and catch up on life. Each of these women have walked through so many seasons with me its so fun to see where life has taken us now!