Moo & Kristin {Thailand Family Portraits}

Meet Moo & Kristin and their sweet girls, Abby and Sadie! 

Kristin is a 1st grade teacher here at GES and her husband, Moo, is a news reporter. They are two of the kindest and most gentle people I have ever met! Their girls also inherited their sweetness.

Lately, my camera has been doing a lot of yearbook and photos for the school but not a lot of "Fun", so when Moo & Kristin asked if I would be interested in taking their family photos I jumped on it! Granted, when we agreed to 10am I immediately began to have anxiety because of the Thailand heat...anything within an hour of sunrise is just unbearable these days! The temperatures reach mid 90's but it always says it feels like 100+, and we all know that what it feels like is really all that matters! 

But we woke up Saturday morning to a nice semi-cloudy day and a breeze, and we actually did not feel like we were going to die! We had a great time exploring a local park filled with so many cool plants and flowers, it definitely did not feel like the big city of Bangkok! Green is hard to find here in the city but this little park was such a sweet little surprise and this family worked the camera! 

Thanks for letting me capture your family, Moo and Kristin, it was so worth it! 

Enjoy a few of my favorites! 

Sweet Abby celebrated her 2nd birthday on Saturday as well!