The Flaglers {Thailand Family Photography}

Meet the Flaglers!

This family are natives of South Carolina so we instantly share something in common, our southern roots, which in the land of Smiles is a rarity! Tricia's cousins are also friends of mine from PTC, which was pretty fun to realise. This family loves each other well and those they come in contact with, and they are always up for a good game night or movie! Thankful to have gotten to know them this year and excited they are sticking around for some more next year! :) 

This has been a long time coming since Tricia and I shared an office at the beginning of the year we talked about taking photos for like 9 we made it happen before the end of the year! :) That's a win right! haha

We met up at 7:30 am in order to beat the heat on the first day of our long weekend...lets just say its literally impossible to beat the heat in Thailand unless you are inside and have the AC cranking up a storm! By the time we left the heat index was 105! What the heck! 

But this sweet family rocked it out and endured all the wet, sweaty Thailand heat and it was worth it! Enjoy a few of my favorites!