The Mukri's Are Adopting!!!

There are a lot of people in the world that I love. These two are definitely pretty high on my list. Meghan and Colin have been such great friends over the past few years and I am so so thankful for them! I was able to spend so much quality time with them this summer hearing all about their new adventure in ADOPTING!!! I am literally so excited for them and love hearing about the Lord's faithfulness so far in their adventure! 

Seriously, watching the Lord lead these two through this season has been so fun and I am so excited for them to finally get to meet their child, hopefully soon! :) If you want to hear more about their journey or give to them check out their website below! 

When Meghan asked me to take pictures for them this summer for their adoption book I was honored. So we made it happen last weekend just in time for me to head back to Thailand this week! I am excited though because I know the next time I get to see these two I will be meeting a 3rd little Mukri for the first time, and hopefully it will be on my side of the world! 

Enjoy a few of my favorites from the Mukri's at home!