New Little Adventure | Flytographer

When I moved to Thailand I quickly realized that my photography business was going to have to look a lot different. Being in a new place, new culture, with a new language that was going to clearly take time to learn I realized I needed to hold it very loosely. 

But I have had a little secret dream for a little while now. I stumbled across a cool new photography site called Flytographer, its a group of photographers from all over the world in different cities that vacationers can book so that they can have great professional photos in their cool vacation moments. I was intrigued, I lived in a cool city it could be a cool opportunity. So I looked into it awhile ago but decided to wait until I felt more confident in my city.

So coming back for year 2 I decided to re-look into it, and after a little interview process and a couple of mock photo shoots I am excited to announce that I have officially joined the Flytographer team and will be available to shoot families, couples and individuals as they travel through Bangkok on vacation! 

I am super excited about this opportunity to have a way to meet new people, explore my city more, and take beautiful photos for people!

Here are a few of the photos that I took of friends around Bangkok that helped me land this gig! A special thanks to all my friends who were willing to help me out in this little personal project! :)

First off we have my new friends, Julie, Abby & Becca! These girls are literally answers to my prayers this year. I am so thankful for their friendship so far this year. They have been such a breath of fresh air to my soul! :) 

This next family is Ben & Carrie and their little guy Simeon! You may recognize them from last year. These people always have a way of making my day or making me smile, and I am so thankful for their navigation skills through JJ Market and Carrie's gift of baking! :) 

Lastly, James and Sai! These are two of my favorite people. We kinda just get each other, they are 2 reasons I can survive working in the office and were 2 of my first friends in Thailand! :) They are also models I realize that!