Matt & Britt {Anderson, South Carolina Photography}

I've spent a good bit of time trying to come up with what to say about these two and their sweet love but I don't really think words can capture my true feelings.

Britt is my best friend...but you already knew that, and Matt is the love of her life! It has been such a joy watching Matt pursue Britt and watching the two of them get to here, about to tie the knot in a few short months! I am oozing with excitement for them and cannot wait to watch the rest of their story unfold as they begin life together as a married couple. I'm also honored that I get to be a bridesmaid in their wedding and stand beside the two of them as they make the promise of forever to each other! 

Love centered around Jesus really is the sweetest thing!

Here are a few of the engagement photos we took and I must say I'm a big fan! 

brittany and matt-2.jpg
brittany and matt-5.jpg
brittany and matt-6.jpg
brittany and matt-7.jpg
brittany and matt-8.jpg
brittany and matt-9.jpg
brittany and matt-12.jpg
brittany and matt-14.jpg
brittany and matt-15.jpg
brittany and matt-19.jpg
brittany and matt-22.jpg
brittany and matt-23.jpg
brittany and matt-24.jpg
brittany and matt-26.jpg
brittany and matt-27.jpg
brittany and matt-28.jpg
brittany and matt-32.jpg
brittany and matt-33.jpg
brittany and matt-34.jpg
brittany and matt-36.jpg
brittany and matt-37.jpg
brittany and matt-38.jpg
brittany and matt-40.jpg

Britt, I'm so thankful to have you in my life. You are the type of friend that everyone needs but only a few are lucky to have! I love you and literally cannot wait for you and Matt to get married and I know it means we will never get to be roommates again but besides that it doesn't really change much! I'm a better person because of you and the way you always challenge me and encourage me to follow my dreams! Here's to the future bestie...its looking mighty bright! ;)

Love -Erin