The Wells' {Anderson, SC Family Photography}

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The Wells! These people are some of my favorites and I am so thankful for their friendship! They are like family to me and I can't believe they are living in Anderson, SC now and about to bring home their 3rd son! Life is crazy and it happens so fast right before our eyes and before you know it your friends have families and are living their very dreams! These people are those people...dreamers and getting to watch them live their dreams is one of the happiest things ever!  

I think the best way to start this post is for you all to take a trip down memory lane....from the very first days of Erin Spruell Photography to today these two have been there! Thanks for trusting me with the honor of capturing your sweet family though the different seasons! 

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The Wells July 2016-JPG-0023.jpg to October 2017! New house, new town and a baby on the way I'm so glad we made this session happen and I can't wait to meet the next baby Wells when I'm home again in April! 

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