The Gurnett Family Newborn Session | Bangkok, Thailand

Meet the Gurnetts! 

This family is one of those families, that once you know you are forever changed. Their parents are two of the most gentle, selfless and encouraging people I have literally ever met, and their kids are rambunctious but well behaved and adorably sweet and love everyone they meet! On May 22nd they welcomed their 5th child, Elise, into the world and if anyone should have 5 or more kids...its this family!

I will never forget the huge smile on Walter, the morning after his new sister arrived, I passed him in the hallway at school and he just could not stop, it was the sweetest thing. Elise is loved by so many and her siblings are so proud of her, its literally the sweetest thing! (That is why each one of them had to hold her at some point in the short span of our session).

I love this family and I am so thankful that over the past 2 years in Thailand, they have become like family to me and I love getting to be a part of their lives!

Enjoy a few pics from our "newborn" session at their home!

PS They are about to fly home to Canada for the summer, so pray for them on the long journey , especially Nate and Sarah, where they will be out numbered by a lot this time!