SCOTLAND | 6 Day Road Trip








Rent a car beforehand

Get a Europe Travel SIM Card that will work in every place you are going!

Stock up on food and snacks before you get to the Isle of Skye!

It's colder than you think it will be, even in June. Go in June though because the days are the longest so you can drive for ever and never miss a thing because it doesn't get dark!

Plan on doing all the castles...get an Explorer Pass





-Isle of Skye / Portree


It's the dawn of a new year and if you are anything like me you are probably already working on your 2018 travel bucket list! I love dreaming of all the places the year is going to take me, but I also know its not going to be easy...and I need to plan ahead so I can SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! The good news is the more I travel the more I realize how doable it actually is if you just plan for it. So if one of your new years goals is to travel more...let me help ya out a little. SCOTLAND. Go. Do yourself a favor and make it happen. It was a dream. Now I would for sure recommend more than a week...but if you only have  week, this is how we saw as much as we could! 

DAY 1: Arrive in Edinburgh


As soon as we landed we knew that Scotland was going to be a special place. We waited a million years in the cold rain before we got to drive away in our rental car!

...this was mistake #1 of #ourukventure...don't rent a car until you are done with edinburg, pick it up on your way out of town instead of driving it into town and having to deal with parking and driving in tram lanes...

Anyway! We arrived and settled into our hostel...The Baxter! I would 100% recommend this place. It was clean and beautiful in the middle of town! The breakfast was made to order by their super amazing and friendly staff and it was such a cool vibe! We went straight to bed after meeting our roommates to prepare for the next day of sightseeing!

DAY 2: Explore Edinburgh

We woke up and it was cold and rainy...and the rain never once let up and we only had one we put on our rain jackets and went out to see the town, the first stop was to pick up a cheap umbrella! But we made the most of our day in Edinburg. Stop one we walked up to the Edinburg Castle and admired the Scott Monument on the way, it can be seen from so many spots! (Cool Fact: It is the largest monument to a writer in the Sir Walter Scott).

49EB1DB4-429F-48C6-A932-E860A946FC28 (1).jpg

After the castle we wandered down the Royal Mile to find the coffee shop birthplace of Harry Potter...The Elephant House. We got some french pastries next door and dried off for a while before venturing back out to see St. Mary's Cathedral. We didn't see nearly everything because we were so cold and wet but Edinburgh was stunning and gothic and everything you think it would be! The rain complemented the city's vibe for sure! 


DAY 3: Drive to Inverness

The next day we woke up to some sunshine and decided to hit up Calton Hill and the Botantical garderns before we left Edinburgh for the Isle of Skye and had no regrets! 

Also the key to a successful road trip is to make sure to stop in cute cities you find along the way. We did just that and took a little pit stop in the cutest town that I wish I could remember the name of...on the way to see the Stirling Castle. 

PRO TIP: If you plan on seeing all the castles, you should get the Explorer will only save you money if you go to more than 3, but we definitely ended up going to more than we thought and should have gotten it!

After the Stirling Castle we made our way to our Airbnb just outside of inverness. It was located on the prettiest beach covered the the most perfectly round stones. And our host was just amazing! We wandered around until the sunset...which was close to 10pm and then crashed for the night! 

Calton Hill

Calton Hill

View of Arthur's Seat

View of Arthur's Seat

Stirling Castle

Stirling Castle

UK BLOG SIZE-106.jpg
UK BLOG SIZE-111.jpg
UK BLOG SIZE-117.jpg

DAY 4: Lochness and Isle of Skye

We made our way up to the Isle of Skye but first we pit stopped by Lochness and were blown away by the scenery! The lake was so still and the fog was low, it was kind of erie, but you could see how a legend of the Lochness monster would stem from this place. It was mysterious and beautiful! We stopped at the Urquhart Castle and it quickly became one of our favorites, because its practically untouched and sits so majestically on the lake! 

We pried ourselves from the awe of the Lochness we continued on our way to the isle of skye on what just may have been the most breathtaking drive of the whole trip! We didn't stop much on the way up because its a long drive, but when we got to our cool little camper van we were right in the middle of the Isle of Skye so we went out and found an old ruined castle and a couple of highland cows and sheep! 

DAY 5: Isle of Skye & Back to Edinburg through Glasgow

We woke up after a very cold night for the person on the! haha and we then made our way to the fairy pools and explored a bit before heading back down to Edinburgh stopping as ofter as we wanted but still trying to make it to our Airbnb before sunset...which lucky for us in the summertime is around 10pm!

Before making it to our castle glamping airbnb, we stopped at a pup in Glasglow and were way underdressed but enjoyed the hipper city life that we saw...but should glamp at this castle outside of Edinburgh! You really should. The hosts are amazing and hospitable, we even had a nice warm porridge breakfast deleivered to our tent in the morning!  


Day 6: Say Goodbye

We woke up the next morning and had a slow morning before we returned our rental car and headed to the airport for Ireland...stay tuned for our week there!