Brittany & Matt Are Engaged {Anderson, SC}

This past weekend was a whirlwind, I'm still recovering from it all if I'm being honest. I hopped on a plane on Friday morning in Thailand to make it to South Carolina to surprise my best friend on the happiest day of her life, the day the love of her life would get down on one knee and ask her to spend the rest of their lives together.

This summer it was so hard to leave America and head back to Thailand because we both knew this day was coming and we knew that the next time I would probably be home would be for her wedding. It wasn't what we had dreamed, I also wanted to be there for her but the distance and the reality of it all just made it impossible in my mind.

But the impossible was actually very possible and I made it happen, and I am so so thankful I did!

Instead of telling you about the day from my perspective, lets hear it from Brittany and Matt, it will be much more entertaining! 

His Story:

Saturday morning, I woke up and ran 3 miles (which felt like forever on this day!). I went back home and took a short nap. I was rudely interrupted by a terrible nightmare that had to do with the ring I purchased for our engagement. The dream was so scary and had me jumping out of bed, looking through my socks drawer (where I hid the ring hahaha), and throwing stuff everywhere to make sure that one thing that meant forever was still there! My dream had me stressing and worrying that I had lost the ring and the ring was shredding into little small pieces. On the bright side, the ring was still in the same place, looking as beautiful as the day I bought it. I finally decided to get a jump start on my day and take my truck & Britt's cars to get washed. My family showed up about 11:45 AM (first of many coverups/lies that day... I am sorry Brittany) to set up for the best engagement party a couple could ask for! I helped them set up for a small amount of time then went back to Britt's house to cook lunch for my family that was set to arrive at 12:45 PM (lie #2). While cooking, I almost burned the house down with smoke. Not the best thing to do when you are about to ask your girlfriend to marry you that same day! Brittany probably thought I could not cook, but my mind was just racing getting ready for one of the biggest afternoons of my entire life. Brittany and my family headed to get their nails/toes done at the Lilia Day Spa. Upon their arrival, a couple of Britt's closest friends went to set up the rooftop for our BIG day! They set out the prettiest flowers and really made our day extra special. During this time, I am sitting in a really comfortable recliner cheering on my South Carolina Gamecocks to victory over the Tennessee Volunteers. I was a little late arriving to the rooftop of the Lilia Day Spa (sorry Britt) because my Gamecocks almost let the Volunteers win with 1 second left on the clock! My heart was already racing because of the question I was about to ask Brittany and this football game made this day a little more stressful! After a quick shower and wardrobe change, I was headed to the rooftop with the shiny diamond ring beside me. To the rooftop we go! My nerves and heart start to beat a little faster second by second awaiting Brittany to come up. I finally get the text from my mom "On the Way Up." We sprint out to position and get ready to "POP" the question. Colin signals to me that the elevator is about to land and my heart beats quicker and quicker. Britt walks out of the elevator and first sees Colin and looks to be in a small panic of what is about to happen. She drops her purse and water and starts to walk towards me. *My heart is beating typing this.* Brittany, looking as beautiful as ever, grabs my hands and we start to look at each other. I first ask for forgiveness and grace for the secrets that I have had to keep in during the last couple weeks leading up to this day! She quickly forgives (as usual) and we start talking future stuff. I pull the ring out of my back pocket and drop down to one knee asking Brittany to marry me. SHE SAID YES!! We kissed a lot and became super lovey dovey. We took lots of pics with her best friend, Erin (who flew from Thailand to be here... get you a friend like that, y'all). So excited that I get to spend the rest of my life with Brittany Vernon (soon to be Holloman) by my side! THE END

Her Story:

I woke up feeling nervous and rushed Saturday morning because Matt’s family was coming to see my house for the first time as they planned to visit for Pastor Appreciation Day at Neal’s Creek to honor Matt. My parents were also coming to support Matt, but weren’t coming until dinner. I began finishing up yard work that morning and my roommate & I began hurriedly cleaning because I wasn’t sure what time they’d arrive.

I also mentioned that we should just cook lunch at the house since we were going out to a nice dinner for what I thought was Matt’s mom’s birthday celebration. Matt was a little hesitant and resistant at that idea, but eventually caved. He arrived at my house after taking his truck to get cleaned to take my car to get washed and vacuumed since my parents were coming and he knows how much my dad appreciates a clean car! On his trip away, he told me he would stop at the store to pick up what we needed for lunch since he was already out so I could finish getting ready. This only struck me as odd because the Carolina game was on at 12noon that day and he missed kickoff to go to the grocery store and begin cooking the meal.

His family (mom, grandma & sister) arrived as I was finishing my hair and Matt was finishing cooking lunch. We ate lunch and I was under the impression that we were going to get our nails done for his mom’s birthday, which seems completely believable.

We left to head towards downtown Anderson to get our nails done while Matt went back home to watch the Carolina game. The girls & I went to Lilia Day Spa and were treated like queens while there. Matt’s grandma and I got our nails done while his mom and his sister decided to get pedicures! Our salon specialist asked if we wanted to see the apartment that have available to rent out and the rooftop since we’d all never been here before, and of course I said yes! I texted Matt to tell him he should head to the spa a little earlier than planned so he could see the rooftop too, but he said he was finishing the game and would meet us back downtown for shopping and dinner as soon as we were finished.

All of us girls headed to the elevator to view the apartment; however, on our way up we’re told someone is staying in it so instead we head straight for the rooftop. The elevator stops at the roof and as it opens I was the first to step off and see my friend Colin who was videoing me. I turned back to Matt’s family and they all say collectively, “okay bye!” I turn back around and as it’s all setting in I immediately remove my purse and put my water bottle down because I don’t want any of that in pictures!

I find myself begin to walk towards Matt as he’s standing on the rooftop looking the most handsome I’d ever seen and filled with excitement while surrounded by flowers and hanging lights. I was in complete shock— he actually surprised me (which can be a difficult task at times)! As I finally get to where he’s standing, we embrace and I am beaming with excitement. He first apologized for lying to me for awhile in order to pull this off as a surprise, and proceeded to say some very sweet things as he knows I love to hear how he feels. Matt then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I looked straight back at him and said, “YES, of course!”

He began explaining some of the “lies” he had told and why, but then said he had a few more surprises for me. At that very moment, he looked into the distance and whistled and my best friend, Erin, (from Thailand, no less) popped up from behind a wooden bar and I realized she had been there taking pictures the whole time. My shock was beginning to wear off and we both ran towards each other for a huge hug! I was so grateful Matt knew how important it was to involve Erin in all of this. Then, two more came out to greet us (Megan & Meghan) as they helped Matt decorate and execute his plan. Even in our engagement, he continued to pursue me through putting some of his wants aside to make my dreams come true. He simply is the best!

We then took pictures and video on the rooftop and walked around downtown a little before meeting our families for dinner. As we arrive at Earle Street to eat, I realize he invited my sister and her family to be there. So not only do I get to share this day with my parents, but my sister, brother-in-law, nephew and nieces are there too! It was perfect!

My last surprise was heading back to the Wells’ house (where Matt is currently living) where I was surrounded by even more friends and family! The night was full of our favorite things and could not have been more perfect for celebrating the soon-to-be Hollomans. I am beyond thankful for how well we are loved and that I now will spend the rest of my life with Matt Holloman. This was certainly a day to remember!

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