Morgan {Anderson, SC Portrait Photography}

Meet Morgan! 

She is officially employed, and I am so excited for her to begin her counseling career! When she graduated grad school this summer she reached out to me to do some headshots for her and I was so pumped. She made the drive to Anderson and we turned my apartment into a studio and I was all about it. It made me so thankful to have my own space that is perfectly filled with natural light all day everyday and I must say it is just one of those moments where I was like yes, I live in America and I'm making my space a home and its the best! 

Morgan has been a friend through the ages and I love getting to watch her pursue her dreams and do the thing that she's worked so hard at. I'm so proud of you Morgan and I can't wait to see what all you achieve! 

Enjoy some of my faves!

morgan thornley-5.jpg
morgan thornley-7.jpg
morgan thornley-11.jpg
morgan thornley-13.jpg
morgan thornley-19.jpg
morgan thornley-41.jpg
morgan thornley-42.jpg
morgan thornley-44.jpg
morgan thornley-50.jpg
morgan thornley-57.jpg
morgan thornley-51.jpg
morgan thornley-46.jpg

This is not my house...we also ventured to downtown Andy for some shots!

morgan thornley-75.jpg
morgan thornley-71.jpg
morgan thornley-76.jpg
morgan thornley-78.jpg
morgan thornley-80.jpg