The Bramletts {Charleston, SC Family Photography}

I'm so excited to introduce to you my new friends Priscilla and Steve and their sweet girl Arya! Its kinda crazy but my friends The Gomes from Thailand, Josh is Priscilla's brother! Shout out to the Gomes for connecting us in Charleston. It felt like I was with family and we wandered around the Battery for some of the sweetest family photos! Arya was a champ even though it was almost bedtime but she did make us work for those smiles! It was such a fun shoot and I just continued to fall in love with all the charm of Chalrelston! 

Enjoy some of my favorites! 

priscilla charleston-3.jpg
priscilla charleston-8.jpg
priscilla charleston-13.jpg
priscilla charleston-15.jpg
priscilla charleston-20.jpg
priscilla charleston-28.jpg
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priscilla charleston-68.jpg
priscilla charleston-74.jpg
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priscilla charleston-89.jpg
priscilla charleston-94.jpg
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priscilla charleston-108.jpg
priscilla charleston-113.jpg
priscilla charleston-129.jpg
priscilla charleston-126.jpg
priscilla charleston-135.jpg
priscilla charleston-165.jpg
priscilla charleston-144.jpg
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