Sloan Caroline {Greenville, SC Newborn Photography}

Meet Sloan Caroline, she was born Jan. 14, 2019 and is so precious.

When it comes to newborn shoots at home, I never really know what I’m getting in to. The whole drive to Sloan’s house I prayed for good light. Sure enough as soon as I arrived and was taken up to her nursery I was immediately thankful. I mean, its possible to do a newborn photo shoot in a dark cave, but It’s not something I enjoy, so this was a great surprise. Sloan was 1 week old but stayed awake the whole time even with feedings and sound machines, she didn’t want to miss a thing. I kinda enjoyed her alertness though because you can see a little glimpse of her who she is going to be in those sweet eyes. I can’t wait to see her in 6 months when she has a little personality.

Enjoy the sweet little Sloan and stay tuned as I will be documenting her whole first year with my

milestone package!

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