Ruthie {Anderson, SC Newborn Photography}

Meet Sweet Ruthie!

She was just a week old when we took these photos last weekend. I was so excited to meet this sweet family for many reasons but one thing we instantly connected over…we were all Auburn Grads living in Anderson. This honestly never happens and it felt like a little piece of college came back to visit me and it was so sweet. On top of that big brother Jack was honestly the sweetest thing, prepare yourself he is going to melt your heart the way he loves his little sister!

I always love getting to meet new friends and take photos for them to freeze these seasons in time for them and this family was no exception. Enjoy some of my favorites!

ruthie 6.22-3.jpg
ruthie 6.22-5.jpg
ruthie 6.22-12.jpg
ruthie 6.22-25.jpg
ruthie 6.22-22.jpg
ruthie 6.22-44.jpg
ruthie 6.22-52.jpg
ruthie 6.22-65.jpg
ruthie 6.22-81.jpg
ruthie 6.22-89.jpg
ruthie 6.22-96.jpg
ruthie 6.22-105.jpg
ruthie 6.22-108.jpg