Sloan 6 Months {Family Photography Greenville, SC}

Sweet little Sloan is 6 months old! (check out her newborn shoot for a little nostalgia)

In 1/2 a year so much has changed and her sweet little personality is emerging. This is why I love doing a first year package deal, because its the best getting to see the newborn babies grow up! We braved the 90 degree peak heat this summer to get these pics perfectly timed between naps and feedings and while it was a scorcher, it was 100% worth it.

Thanks for letting me capture your family’s milestones, I cant wait for our next session as we celebrate Sloan turning one!

sloan 6 Months-1.jpg
sloan 6 Months-5.jpg
sloan 6 Months-8.jpg
sloan 6 Months-13.jpg
sloan 6 Months-17.jpg
sloan 6 Months-22.jpg
sloan 6 Months-20.jpg
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sloan 6 Months-32.jpg
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sloan 6 Months-112.jpg
sloan 6 Months-120.jpg