Britt {Maternity}

Well its official, I am all moved into my new apartment in South Carolina! It is so much fun to get to live with friends in this season of life and this little town of Anderson is starting to feel like home already. I will show you soon what our home looks like but for now...

Meet Britt and Jeff! 

These are two of my most favorite people in the world and they are about to bring into the world a sweet little boy! I have been praying for this little family as soon as I found out that Britt was pregnant, literally every day at noon my phone reminds me to pray for them. I cannot wait to meet little Brooks so soon. Britt has less than 2 months to go and she is just adorable. I love that she let me capture the beauty of her and the miracle that it is to carry a child. I have learned so much through her experience and the other day I got to see Brooks turn in her belly and I was just in awe. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and I am so excited for my friends who are in this season and I cant wait to welcome there little ones into the world in October! 

Jeff, Britt and I had a blast exploring my new town and finding out some good spots in this town and I am excited to explore some more! (fear not I am still available in Atlanta, but if you are in the Anderson area hit me up and lets take some pictures!)

Enjoy some of my favorites! 

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