Brooks Avery {A December Update}

I told you guys that you would get to see a lot of this baby. Mostly, because his parents let me use my camera every time I am over at their house! And this most recent time was a peak of his baby cuteness...granted I am sure he will just continue to get cuter but I couldn't help myself with the christmas tree and the whale blanket. 

This little guy is 10 weeks old. I know time flies! I am a part of a weekly text thread that has gone on since his days in the womb but now they include pictures and milestones in his life! I love this little guy so much! That hair, that could I not share with you guys! 

So enjoy the cuteness and I hope it brightens your day! Oh and did you know its only 8 days till Christmas??! Say what! I just started thinking about Christmas gifts...I'll share more on those later!