Peachtree City, GA Family Photographer {Chitnis Children}

Meet the Chitnis Children! 

You may have already seen them before around this time last year! It is always fun to have clients that come back to you so you can continue to build relationships. I love this family! They have always been willing to get up at the butt-crack of dawn to catch the "good light" and they trust me even when its always super chilly. We always seem to catch a little bit of morning fog...This time was no exception. 

I made a mistake and forgot the M&M's this time, which I must say is my new secret weapon. I will not go near a child photo shoot without them after this day...but let me tell ya these kids are a hoot! I think some of my favorite moments are when they were having fun with each other and not looking at the it unintentional, call it an accident, call it crazy, I don't care I love the final product! 

Enjoy some of my favorites! 

We even managed to slip in a family photo at the end!

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