The Freeman Family {Shelby, NC Family Photography}

Meet the #Freeman5

I love this family and it was an honor to get to be their first family photographer when they welcomed little Gabriel into the world back in April. So, I was so excited to get to spend sunday afternoon with them last week, as Gabriel is already 7 months (I think). These kids are seriously so great, not to mention their parents, who are seriously rockstars! I love getting to spend time with this great family exploring and taking pictures in their backyard. Nate and Rachel picked out our different spots and I must say they loved it! I've learned a few things about photographing kids in my life, 1. let them feel like they are getting to choose something, poses, locations, ect. when really you are just planting it in their minds. and 2. M&M's will make any kids smile for real and 3. Cheese never works but leaves, tickles and kisses get the best smiles in the aftermath! 

Enjoy some of my favorites from our session! 

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