Hawaii Family Vacation: Part I

Breathtaking Views

Have you ever felt like you were a speck on the earth in the midst of your location? This past week I did so many times its unreal. I got the opportunity to go to Hawaii with my family to celebrate my grandparents 50th anniversary, and it was awesome. As we flew in I just knew this week was going to be unbelievable! This first morning I woke up super early before anyone else, even before the sun (thank you jet lag) and decided to go outside to watch the sunrise instead of staying in my bed. I was so glad that I got a chance to be alone and sit in the awe of the things around me. I could see the reef around out in the distance, hear the waves crashing up on the wall, the birds starting to wake, and see the sun come down on the island in the distance. It was truly breathtaking.

That wasn't the only thing that took my breath away. The following we drove up Haleakala to watch the sunrise from the hugest view in Maui, 10,000ft above sea level! As the sun creeped up over the horizon and the ears disappeared again I felt like a small speck standing in front of a humongous God who created some of the most stunning things I've ever seen! As the sun made its appearance we got to truly see that we were standing above the clouds, on what felt like the top of the world! Here is a glimpse of the sunrise!

We seemed to be surrounded by some of the most magnificent scenery wherever we went. Mountains on one side and cliffs to the ocean or beaches on the other. There was so much to see. I decided to go on the Road to Hana adventure with my cousins one day to see the island...and boy did we see the island from waterfalls, to bamboo forests to black sand beaches and rainforest to desserts and mountains and cliffs and lava tubes we saw it all. The small island of Maui is so full of so many different climates landscapes and weathers that it doesn't even make sense. It was such a cool experience to spend the day exploring and seeing so many different things!

Part II coming later filled with the family portrait sessions! :D Stay tuned!