Baby Wells {Lifestyle Newborn}

Meet Joel Martin Wells...he is 2 weeks old yesterday and just the cutest little thing. He is loved very deeply by so many already and I cannot wait to see this little boy grow up! I grew up with Greg, his proud dad, and I still remember when he told me about his proposal plan for Ashley. He told me I had to get people to come but not tell them what was going on...It was the first secret I ever truly kept and I was so excited for Greg to marry Ashely! They met working Crossroads summer camp and it was fun to watch them fall in love...soon they were married and now they have a baby! It is so cool to see my friends start their families set the example of displaying Christ in their everyday lives...This couple has been encouraging and a great role model for me, even if they are only a couple years older, they are a few life stages ahead and Im glad I get to watch them grow! Seriously, My friends are the best and now they have little babies too! Ok so enough about how much I love Greg and Ashely...lets move on to Joel. I arrived at their house Tuesday Morning and was greeted with tired eyes...apparently Joel knew he had pictures the night before and kept his parents up all night...he also was not very keen on the whole picture thing, but the good news is that I got to try out a different style of newborn shoot, called lifestyle...and I loved it! Its not your average posed newborn session but its capturing life moments as they happen and hope the baby falls asleep for just a few minutes for a few posed baby cuteness. It may be a new favorite! I seriously LOVE all of their images so here are a bunch of my favorites! Enjoy and leave some love for Greg and Ashley! 

Greg and Ashley I love you guys and little Joel too! 

 Seriously one of my favorites!

another favorites! 

ok I have a lot of favorites, this is another!

Big yawn for a little boy!

for such a eventful fussy day this little boy was perfectly content in this little basket! 

Congrats on your growing little family. I love you two to the moon and am proud to call you friends!