Meet Caroleigh, she is a stubborn little 2-year old, but oh so precious. I have heard it before that you cant really pose a 2-year old but I thought to myself, oh please watch me! Ok I was wrong and humbled...posing a 2-year old is just not an easy task if possible at all.  I quickly saw that this little girl was not about to do what I wanted her to, so I had to create the scene and set it up for the picture I was after. It was a challenge, but thank you Caroleigh for pushing me to practice the art of active poses and moving into a pose given a situation. Caroleigh is such a beauty and I had a lot of fun hanging out with her and her family for the afternoon! Enjoy! 

one of my favorites!

Nothing like a little playground action! 

I mean you cant make a 2 year old do this they just cute!

So I lied... this one may actually be my favorite!

With her mommy!

Happy Travels for the 4th of July! Our festivities are canceled because of rain...hope you have better weather!