Washington Family Part I

Meet the Washington's. This family is awesome and we had such a blast shooting these pictures. The moment they stepped out of the car with their perfectly coordinating outfits I just knew it was going to be a day of beautiful pictures...that even the looming rain could not ruin. The rain did not hold off on our first location but luckily we had a umbrella for the moment the bottom let out, and our second location forecast looked good if we could get there and do it in an hour...so we drove to the other side of town and it was sunny and hot! We got eaten alive by the critters in the grass and dad sat in an anthill and the dog liked to put his butt toward the camera but ultimately it was a great day and we got a lot of awesome pictures.  Just as we were finishing though the bottom let loose and we all got super wet luckily the boys were generous and came running with the umbrella. This summer has been very wet and not easy to catch the sun for pictures! Yesterday we tried to go back to the first location...but it rained just at the most inopportune moment... so here is part I, part II to come after the weekend! Enjoy some of my favorites! 

Oh to be a kid again...

Look at those colors! Her dress was awesome!

 Love this one!