Baylee {Senior Session Part 1}

Meet Baylee. She is my mom's friend's daughter. I had never actually met Baylee, until Monday for her shoot, but the thing I love most about her mom is that she is the biggest Auburn Fan I have ever war eagle to that! Its so crazy that I just recently blogged another girl named Baylee for her senior thing is these girls know each other and grew up playing softball together, small world. This beautiful girl picked out the best location...its a soy bean field in a small town in the middle of nowhere and it was perfect! Seriously, I fell in love with this location! Baylee is a country girl through and through and when I heard she was bringing her gun honestly I was scared, this girl is hard core! She was not a picture girl but seriously her images are beautiful and unique! I hope you love them Baylee thanks for letting me capture your beauty! 

Enjoy a bunch of my favorites...seriously this could be a new favorite!